July 24,2011

I will be leaving this Tuesday, July 26 for my fourth trip to Nicaragua. I will be there for 6 days. My agenda is not as ambitious as the last time; but much of this is due to variables I can’t control or information I don’t have. You have to be prepared to manage things “on the ground” as they say…..meaning, I have to be flexible as plans can and will change.

A large mission group will be there also during my stay so I will be staying with them at the new MoH compound, NiCasa. I will be staying overnight at El Crucero again, but only for one night. And I can bring my little Allison. I am looking forward to seeing her as always. She has not yet had her foot surgery although her mother had promised that she would take care of this when I saw her last. Apparently Haydelina is not very good at following through and the Nuns are disappointed with her, as am I. I know I should not judge, her life is hard but I am anxious for Allison. I hope to meet with Haydelina also while I am there to see if I can encourage her to take care of this before Allison gets much older.

My goal is to further define the OHP agreement with Madre Griselda as there has been some confusion resulting in delays in monthly funding. This is unacceptable and I mean to correct it. I’ll also be getting updates on the children, school records (hopefully) and of course new pictures to share with the sponsors.

FYI – We had about 10 sponsors this year who did not renew their sponsorship; I am looking for new new people to become sponsors. If you are interested or know of someone who might be, please be sure to contact me.

While in Nica, Sr. Debbie and I will be meeting with the CARITAS organization to learn more about 75 HIV orphans that are under this organization’s care. We hope to add them to the OHP program. My goal has always been to keep adding children to the OHP program to help as many as we can.

Vince is wonderfully supportive of my trip as he always is. I could not do what I do without his support. One day, I WILL get him to come with me although I don’t know if Nicaragua will ever really be ready for him….

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