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Charter for Compassion

Check out this website : Charter for

On it you will find a profound statement of what our world could be – should we all make compassion an integral part of our daily lives.

Over 67,000 people have signed the charter. It is written in over 30 languages. And while no armies will be stopped, no dictators will be toppled, no child or adult might be fed when you sign it, I have a firm belief that when a conscious decision is made to follow the Golden Rule and that decision is then shared among many, our thoughts can grow and produce their own light and hope for our world.

Who knows what good things might happen?

The OHP is growing

…They say be careful what you wish for, you just might get it….

My goal when I started the Orphan’s Hope Project (OHP) in June 2010 was simple. To find other like-minded individuals who would be willing to share their blessings with the impoverished and orphaned children of Nicaragua. In less than a year, we have found sponsors for each child at the two orphanages we are working with and are well on our way to providing full sponsorships for all of them. I had begun to wonder where we would go when this milestone had been accomplished. But I had faith that God would make it plain.

And He did. While it is not yet definite, we may be taking 70 HIV orphans into the program. And these are true orphans, no parents (they have all died of AIDS) and no other family to care for them.

We will need even more help. We will need more sponsors, more involvement, more money to help provide food, education needs and basic medical care to these children.

And while I am saddened by the needs of these children, I am determined and grateful that WE CAN DO SOMETHING TO HELP.

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